Sunday, October 09, 2005

By Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer is a fascinating man. His extensive experience in several notable professions have put him in good stead to write some gripping novels. Archer knows how to write, and spin a tale that will glue a reader to his seat. This is an exceptional Englishman of great literary proportions.

THERE are 14 short stories in this latest outing by Jeffery Archer. What
is interesting is that nine of them are based on actual incidents.
Archer's talent lies in his inimitable story-telling. In a true tale
entitled Too Many Coincidences, a man seduces a married woman, has a
torrid affair with her, weds her after her husband dies, and claims his
biggest prize three years and eight days later. This devilishly clever
rascal, who goes by the name of Max, receives STG6 million as marriage
settlement. How he achieves that makes for good reading.
In Crime Pays, Kenny Merchant begins life as a shoplifter.
Unfortunately, he is caught and sentenced to two years' jail. With early
parole on good behaviour, he is released after 12 months.
While behind bars, his not-so-idle mind becomes a criminal's workshop.
Prison records show that some criminals have dangerously high IQs. Our
principal character in this case is no exception. He studies numerous Acts
of Parliament and pores over every available British trade magazine. Armed
with this knowledge, Kenny sets out to make his fortune upon his release.
He practically laughs all the way to the bank - and, interestingly,
without breaking a single law. In fact, the various Acts of Parliament and
other relevant laws assist him in accumulating his wealth.
What the reader learns eventually is that crime, in this particular
case, pays, and very well indeed. To add flavour to the tale is the fact
that it actually happened.
Another tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat in The Endgame. It
revolves around millionaire Cornelius Barrington who desires to know which
of his close relatives truly loves him for what he is and not for what he
has in his bank account. To get to the bottom of the matter, Cornelius
masterminds a scheme whereby he is declared a bankrupt overnight. The
aftermath sees his relatives fighting over what's left of his fortune.
With the help of Frank Vintcent, the family solicitor and an old friend,
Cornelius manages to contrive a successful endgame.
To cut a long story short, Jeffrey Archer's stories should leave you
satisfied. After reading all the 14, you will probably find a few that
will stay longer in your mind. Come dinner time, one of these days, you
may want to relate one which thrilled you the most and make that date with
a lovely partner memorable.

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