Thursday, October 20, 2005

Enjoying outdoor life is everyone's dream but outdoors also offers hidden and sudden dangers. This tome is all about survival and surviving the fury of nature gone wild. Some of the ideas and techniques may yet save your life and others one day. Read, learn and be wiser.

By Garth Hattingh
New Holland Publishers

IMAGINE you are stuck in uncharted territory in the path of a raging
flash flood, and your family members are with you.
If you are unfortunate enough to be in such frightening circumstances,
and wish your knowledge of survival is better than average, then this is
the book for you.
This manual is filled with valuable tips on how to escape unscathed from
extreme survival situations and provides sound advice on the art of
It clues you in on priorities with regards to clothing under different
climatic conditions; sourcing for man-made and natural materials for
shelter; preparing edible food from plants and animals.
If you want to know more about map-reading, navigation and river-
crossing, you can also find such information in abundance in the well-
illustrated chapters under these topics.
This coffee-table book is visually wonderful. The layout is par
The pictures, and there are many, are well-captioned. You won't have any
trouble identifying which survival kit you should take with you, or what
are the items that should be included.
For those gung-ho personalities who think a weekend in some mountain
area, cave, jungle or desert is the fun thing to do, author Garth Hattingh
has some important suggestions.
With more than 30 years' experience in outdoor activities, Hattingh has
been involved in mountain rescues, rock-climbing and group leadership
training. He is also a qualifi ed scuba diver with wide knowledge of the
African continent and the mountain peaks of Europe.
Granted that you may be the indoor type but minor mishaps do happen,
like twisting your ankle while walking down a staircase or falling into an
uncovered manhole in the middle of the night.
How do you avoid such accidents? Guess what - this book tells you how
NOT to get into such situations too.
If you are a KL resident and happen to get stuck in a fl ood that
suddenly appears after a 20-minute downpour, you would give almost
anything to get your car out of that place undamaged.
There are tips for avoiding such a situation too. Like, when you see
impending dark clouds on the horizon, it's always better to head for
higher ground to play it safe.
If nothing else, read this book for fun and general knowledge.
It doesn't hurt to store some survival tips in the back of your head.

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