Monday, December 31, 2007

The Greatest Secret In The World
By Og Mandino

I read this book years ago but its simple lessons are a joy to behold. Mandino has a talent of reducing the complex into a few simple sentences.

The writer is behind a series of "greatest" books. Those who have become literary friends of this author will know what a treasure they have in their hands.

On those occasions in my life when I needed some inspiration, I will pick up a Mandino book and recharged myself. We all need to be reminded of the truly great and simple.

For there's really nothing complicated about life unless you wish to make it so. Mandino is the master of the doeable and the workable. He distills the precious gems of a great life into simple formulas that all of us can understand and act upon.

Like so many of his contemporaries and those who had come before him, Od Mandino spins a tale or a yarn and make it entertaining. He talks of enthusiasm, high spirits and change of attitude.

Anybody who is familiar with the rudiments of education will understand Mandino's words and philosophy. His books, particularly this one is so straightforward and simple that you will amazed that wisdom wears only simple clothes.

There are "teachers" who walk among us mortal beings with many lessons yet unheard. Mandino, I believe, is one of these teachers. If we heed his wise words, our lives will be so much richer.