Thursday, October 20, 2005

There are books that dwell on esoteric subjects that make you wonder if life is more than just earth, wind and fire. This book goes beyond the realm of your ordinary existence. It is not meant for cynics and sceptics. Open your mind to infinite possibilities, as they say in Star Trek. This one's for real, brother!

The Eagle and The Rose
Author: Rosemary Altea
Publisher: Warner Books

AS a person reaches middle age, and the issue of mortality suddenly
takes on an added importance, questions of the hereafter, heaven and hell
occupy one's mind rather often.
Then there are times when the phenomena of apparitions, ghosts of the
dearly departed, inexplicable happenings and other strange goings-on are
brought to our attention, and these are received with more knowing nods
than necessary.
This world is no stranger to people who profess to have gifts and powers
that draw much attention as well as fear.
The Eagle and The Rose falls deep into the category of spirituality and
mystery. It is a true tale of a woman with a gift that has astounded
thousands of ordinary people as well as celebrities.
Rosemary Altea had a difficult childhood because she could not
understand what she "saw". As a child, she witnessed apparitions and had
other kinds of "visions" as well. Afraid that other people might brand her
as crazy, she kept her thoughts and experiences to herself.
For a long time, she thought she was abnormal in a bad way. Then she got
married and had a child. After 14 years of marriage, her husband left her
with a mountain of debts and a 10-year-old daughter.
By then, she was almost a nervous wreck. As fortunes would have it, one
day she came across a spiritual healer by way of a friend's introduction.
That "laying of the hands" encounter shook her to the core. In fact, both
she and the healer convulsed uncontrollably, to the shock of many who were
Soon, she learned that she was a natural-born psychic and not just
"crackers" as she had earlier concluded about herself.
Altea's life is one of the most fascinating accounts of a psychic who
finally embraced her gift in a bid to make some sense of her life and a
personal decision to help others benefit from it.
Her paranormal abilities have brought her to the studio of talk-show
host Larry King, who remarked: "I was truly amazed." On national
television, Altea had brought a personal message to King from his long-
dead mother.
Oprah Winfrey interviewed her too, and TV celebrity Diane Sawyer
described Altea as "the woman everyone is talking about".
Altea's power to "see" beyond this dimension has brought tears and joy
to many of her clients and peace to those on the other side who wanted to
communicate with their loved ones on earth.
The Eagle and The Rose is about Altea's extraordinary continuing journey
on earth with the help of her spiritual guide, an Apache named Grey Eagle.
As is often said in some circles, nothing happens by accident.
When it was time for Altea to meet her spiritual mentor, his presence
can only be described as "electric".
If there was one over-riding purpose of Altea's entire mission in life,
it was to let others know that all of us are really "spiritual beings
having a human experience".
From her counsels with Grey Eagle, Altea learned that "each of us is
born with the light within us, the light that is the light of the soul. If
we choose to recognise and nurture this light, then when we die, we will
go to the light, to be embraced by it.
"If we choose to live in darkness, while on earth or after `death', if
we choose to allow this light to diminish, then we choose a dark place.
But always, it is our choice," she said.
This New York Times bestseller is an immensely fascinating read. It
answers questions which you may have asked many times in your life, and
have received no answers. It opens up vistas of the spiritual realm for
your own exploration, and always leaves it up to you to make up your mind.
If you are a firm believer in existentialism, this book may yet change
your mind. If you hold dear to the credo that life begins on earth and
ends here as well with your death, Grey Eagle may trigger life-altering
thoughts in you.
Before you pooh-pooh all that seems surreal and unreal to you, the late
scientist Albert Einstein once said: "Imagination is more powerful than
knowledge. Knowledge is limited, but imagination encircles the world."
The Eagle and The Rose exceeds the boundaries of knowledge and venture
beyond the dimension of the mind.
If, by chance, you are presently journeying along a passage of life
where deep-thought questions arise with rapidity, then perhaps this book
will act as a torch to light up the path for you.
As if to seek counsel for the world, Rosemary Altea asked Grey Eagle
"what can we do for each other? How do we nurture our world? How do we
bring light into our lives?"
Grey Eagle's answer was: "With gentleness... and only with gentleness."

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