Thursday, August 03, 2006

CHRIST IN YOU by Anonymous

THIS book was on loan to me from my sister. Through the years, she would pick up a book or two from her coffee table and dump them on my lap. This happened recently with this book.

She shares my taste in books of this kind. This book is purportedly written by some entity who is probably not residing on earth. I really don't mean to belittle or make fun of this book because after reading it, I find myself rather moved by its contents.

This book reminds me of another book entitled Reflections of the Christ Mind. As people are inclined to avoid books of religious flavour and fervour, books with titles like Christ In You tend not to find a very wide audience.

I guess I have reached a passage in my life's journey when such books have become a balm to me. Inexplicably, I find books of this kind fascinating and strangely exhilarating.

Christ In You talks about our real self and it is not of earth. When we finally realise that our higher consciousness is inseparable from God, we would finally have "arrived home".

This is not a difficult book to read. In fact, it is so easy, it bothers on being incredible. That's the catch. We are most liable not to digest its contents. Our human side has been with us for so long that we simply cannot accept that we truly belong to another world.

This then is not our real world. Earth then is not our true home. The Almighty and us are One. We cannot be divided. We will never be two. In that fact, the book rests its case.

I wish I could make this book sounds a bit more logical to the human mind, so that its message will be more acceptable to our human side. Unfortunately, Christ In You touches on nothing that belongs on earth.

Sometimes, I wonder if such book "finds" a person, rather than a person "finds" a book. For years now, I have been receptive to book with messages like what can be found in the pages of Christ In You.

The veils of obscurity and ambiquity are gradually lifting. Once they part completely, we should no longer have any fear in our hearts but love. Love is man's strongest weapon and Man is God's most wonderful creation.

Christ In You shines a light on the darkened paths on your spiritual journey. It speaks to us from beyond. This book was first published in 1910. That's almost 100 years ago.
Now the book comes around again. Considering the state of affairs around the world, the messages in this book may be all the more urgent. But humans are almost never convinced by what they think are permanent.

Nothing on earth is permanent except for God's love. We tend to think of love as something temporal and fleeting. God speaks of a different love that burns with an everlasting rigous of something that can never be extinguished.

Christ In You removes the loneliness in our lives. It tells us not to fear anymore. It proclaims the joy that is our right. It continues to inform all of us that not only is God watching us, he is also looking after us, the lost sheep.

Man has spent a long time on earth, wandering and wondering. In man's periodical forays in the spiritual realm, we always return empty-handed. Not this time. This time, God speaks loudly and clearly from all possible angles.

He no longer whispers. He stands in front of us, speaking in audible, measured tones so that we can hear him clearly. There is a calming effect in his voice. In this case, his voice comes across crystal clear from the pages of Christ In You.

Be no longer afraid for He is with us until the end of time.