Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For many on earth, one of the greatest undiscovered treasures is themselves. They simply don't love themselves enough to see the love in others or have enough love in their hearts to share it with strangers, friends and others.

We keep on trudging on for decades, searching for that pot of gold. We all want to be beautiful, handsome, rich, famous or simply to be loved. Not necessarily in that order but we want them all if given half the chance.

That's what keeps on going. That's what drives many of us. But the saddest story often told is the universal tale of people living in quiet desperation. They suffer from regular bouts of depression.

They feel useless even though a number of them have enough food to eat, friends who care for them and family members who love them dearly.

The monkey-on-their-backs so to speak, is the lack of love they have for themselves. They don't see the worthiness of continuing, of waking up bright and breezy early in the morning and taking life in great and happy strides.

If you are one of the millions who are permanent members of the Great Depression Club, let it be known right now that you can quit as a member anytime.

What's the point of feeling useless all the time? What's so great about wallowing in self-persecution or drowning in self-pity?

There are plenty of people who simply refuse to extricate themselves from this self-dug hole of futility.

Medicine companies are making fortunes from supplying prescription drugs to these depressed people. If only, the general populace finds out how much has been given freely by ordinary citizens to these pharmaceutical firms.

Do we really need to prop ourselves up with self-induced drugs that provide temporary highs?

If only for a moment, you can tell youself and believe it too, that you are one of the world's greatest treasures, you will begin to realise your place in the ranks of humankind.

Only, and only if you commit yourself to a life of excitement, adventure and fun, will you be able to leap out of that pit where the only reward is misery, listlessness and sorrow.

Get up, get up now and promise yourself that you are the greatest product ever made by the Lord Almighty. Tell yourself you deserve to be happy. Tell yourself you can only be happy and nothing else because you have no other choice.

You are the son of the Eternity and unto your body is given the spirit that knows no boundary or frontier that can lock you in.

Happiness is your right. Joy is your only privilege and bliss is the home that awaits you forevermore.

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