Thursday, June 05, 2008

Many would mistaken the "greatest treasure on earth" as a hall full of diamonds, gold ornaments and other relics of incalculable value.

Actually, the greatest treasure as any wise man will say is the knowledge you carry with you in your head. It is not heavy. It does not take up much room and it is readily available on recall.

Knowledge often leads to wisdom but first it must be coupled with experience. Information is merely bits of knowledge which when stored at random and haphazardly is of no value to its possessor.

Knowledge leads its owner to greater heights of awareness. It averts personal disasters and prevent unwarranted foolish behaviour.

Therefore, when you are given a choice of opening either door - treasure or knowledge - choose wisely.

Treasures of the tangible kind can be lost through natural disasters, robbery, avarice and just plain foolishness.

If you are knowledgeable and wise, no matter how you are clothed, it doesn't alter your state of being.

Now, you have only one wish and the genie is waiting......

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