Tuesday, January 30, 2007

by Annie Kirkwood

There are some books pertaining to the longevity of life on Earth that are best left on the shelf. There are a small number that excite and provoke thinking among the non-believers and stir the souls of the faithful.
Years ago, I was browsing through the shelves of the neighbourhood second-hand bookstore when I came across Mary's Message To The World. Since, I am a Catholic, it naturally arrested my attention.
It was also natural that I should extract that book lodged among the many and gave it a few quick glances. What started off as an act of curiosity led me to the purchase of the book and a reading session that was unhurried and yet suspenseful.
Who doesn't want to know the fate of the earth through Our Lady? No point telling those who are not Christians about the legitimacy of the messages.
Short of being labelled as a horror monger, I have kept what I have found out from the book to myself, with exception of a few friends who share my interest in predictions about life on earth and all its natural and unnatural happenings.
Basically, this book dwells on a numerous "conversations" the mother of Jesus had with a woman living in Texas, USA. The "talks" began in 1987 and ended in 1991.
The most interesting parts of the book touch on the catastrophies that are about to visit earth and its inhabitants. The Mother of Perpectual Succour said those tragic events that were about to come have been held in abeyance for 10 years.
As with everything else that we call life here on Earth, events and actions can be changed, thus altering the course of Earth's future.
The crux of the messages is clear. When all the things take place as they may or will, the cost in human lives will be colossel. Our planet currently has about 6.5 billion people.
The disasters that are predicted will reduce earth's population by at least one third. In other words, the casualties are in billions. Thus, the idea is to prepare ourselves for what comes after.
We are reminded of our real purpose on earth and in this life. The right path is explained by Mary to all of us who wish and want to listen. Generally, all our lives will be affected. There will be no exception, no mater where you stay in the world.
The safest platforms for us all are love, truth and prayer. On these shall our salvation lie.
Those who have read Mary's Message To The World may find its contents disquieting because it talks about "Florida returning to the ocean" and the "evacuation of New York City by 1993".
Naturally, all that have been said would come to pass have not taken place. This year is 2007. In other words, the events are long overdue.
When the author took note of the predictions in the second half of the 80s, the changes on earth were predicted to take place in the early 1990s. Nothing happened.
Subjects like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes were brought up. People on earth were forewarned that these disasters would take place in places not known to have experienced these kinds of upheavals.
In the last century, apparitions of Our Lady have been documented from Fatima, Lourdes to Medjugorje in Yugoslavia. Her messages are widespread. The faithful naturally need no reminders or spiritual advice.
The idea has always been "not to come to save the righteous" because they are already saved.
What then is the benefit of reading this book? Let assume that this book is a figments of Annie Kirkwood's imagination, where then lies its merits.
With the benefit of hindsight, I would say the greatest contribution of Mary's Message To The World is the spiritual advice that is sprinkled generously all over the pages.
Even if those words did not "come from beyond", they are sound advice. Who among us are foolish enough to ignore good advice, regardless of the source?
Let's push our scepticism and cynicism aside and focus on the good, the bright and the positive. No matter what is the eventual outcome of global heaing, global catastrophe or global armaggedon, one thing's for sure, the way to heaven is through the garden of heaven and love's the key that unlocks its gate.


Illumina said...

I am delighted to find another reader's comments on "Mary's Message." I am a recovering Catholic and I found a lot of what Annie wrote from Mary's Message to be meaningful to me. I found it interesting that a practicing Catholic would be so positive about it. There have been no recent posts to your "blogger." I hope all is well with you and that if you would like to enter into a discussion with me about this book or other related topics, that you will do so at the email indicated.

Sandra B. said...

I read Mary's Message to the world and do not remember putting a date on anything....simply stating the signs to look out for as time in heaven passes different than on earth. Some of the signs have come to pass so far.....rivers changing direction, the collapse of the twin towers, melting of glacial ice caps, and the turning of the earth on its side. Well the earthquake that took place in Chile earlier in the year moved the earth off of its axis by 3 inches....and they predict that another possible major earthquake on the northern part of the Pacific Trench could move the Earth even farther off of its axis. I believe what Mary tells us in this book because I have seen the predictions coming true....as she said. Peace and Love to the world.

Timothy said...

Ignore this message at your peril. Events predicted are happening, albeit delayed. That is simply divine intervention in consideration of the enlightenment which is taking place. The inspiration herein is found in predictions of the new age, and the emerging new race of beings.